Liberty x Alexandra Mann Collaboration

Liberty x Alexandra Mann Collaboration


This collaboration piece reapropriates the classic Liberty print as you know it. It's not curtains or dresses for this official collab but a fabric box form inspired by functional Origami. The geometric shape allows it to be flattened and stacked with ease, so packing a few of these in your luggage to separate your belongings couldn't be more easy, or more elegant. The 100% Nylon interior of the bag is completely wipe clean, so there is no need to stress over spillage. We use ours on holiday as a chic clutch bag at dinner. and for our favourite make-up edit when in the city. Limited stock available


Limited Edition

Official Liberty collaboration box bag

Mixed Liberty print fabric shell

Origami box shape

100% sponge clean Nylon lining

Handmade in England

Zip seam 20cm

Side seam 10cm x Side Width 12cm

Base 20cm x 12cm



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